As a busy working Mum, one thing I struggle with is there is never enough time. Since my children were born, my life has always felt governed by time slots.  Baby having its nap, dropping and collecting the kids from morning nursery, then whole days as they moved up to school. Like many, I’m guilty of cramming as much work as I can in the childfree hours that I have and NEVER making time for myself. And then of course, by the time the kids get home, I’m running round trying to keep up with their demands, while cooking dinner and checking Instagram. Spoon in one hand stirring the saucepan, phone in the other and one ear out for the kids incase world war 3 breaks out at any moment. Once the kids are finally in bed, I then try and squeeze a bit more work in and often fall asleep with the TV and all the lights on. Somehow everything seems to merge into one and I’ve stopped creating the ritual of ‘going to bed.’ Sound familiar?


 And in the reality, this kind of cycle is self perpetuating in making us feel tired all the time. Our sleep is disturbed when we get up from the sofa and switch everything off and crawl into bed only to wake ourselves up again in the process and then struggle to fall asleep again. My husband had been on at me for ages to address the problem I had gotten myself into, but there is always an excuse isn’t there!! 


 A month ago I worked on a campaign with Eve Sleep and was sent one of their Original mattresses, which I must say is the comfiest thing I have EVER slept on. So when Eve Sleep contacted me asked if I would like to work with them again and try out one of their bed frames, I was absolutely delighted and I knew it was the perfect time to start a fresh and try to re establish a much needed good sleep routine. 


 So lets talk about The Bed Frame. Firstly its simple Scandinavian design makes it great to look at, it’s upholstered in premium Italian wool blend and comes in 4 stylish colours. I chose Oat, which is a beautiful muted colour similar to natural linen. It arrived in 3 simple boxes and I was so pleased to find out that assembly was so easy as the slats are already put together in a frame that you just slide into the base.  It literally took less than half an hour.


I already have an Eve Original mattress and some beautiful Eve Sleep linen bedding, which I love and have written about before in a previous blog post. It is one of the most amazing things ever. The 5 individual layers of the memory foam mattress provide comfort and support like I’ve never felt before.


The mattress is firm but soft at the same time and somehow cushions every part of your body and I no longer wake up with an aching back or shoulder. So now I have both The Bed Frame and the Original mattress, I have the complete ‘eve experience’ which truly feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. 


 My bed now takes center stage in the bedroom and has made it feel like a luxury grown up space and I can honestly say it has given me a feeling of excitement to want to ‘go to bed.’ I am now treating my room like a sanctuary, lighting candles, listening to music and putting my phone and laptop down at a much earlier time and treating myself to valuable good sleep. And of course this has impacted on my mornings! 


 Instead of waking and hitting the snooze button 5 times, I am waking naturally before my alarm, feeling refreshed with a much clearer mind.  Its amazing what you can use this time for when you are not rushing about and feeling like you’ve been up all night. About a year ago I did a Mindfulness course that I meant to keep up and implement into my daily life, but it’s so easy to let things slip. Waking earlier has allowed me to revisit this and I’ve managed to make time to re establish a small practice in this quiet private space I have created. Just 10 minutes of trying to stay in the moment has helped me feel more centered and calmer and has filled me up with enough resources to be able to cope with what the day may throw at me.


 Strangely, or not, but strangely to me, its actually helped with my time management too. I am now getting ready in the morning before the kids are in full manic mode, which has just had such a great knock on effect for the rest of the day. I’m more focused when I’m working and less stressing about the time and forever chasing my tail. 


Another thing I have noticed since I have been getting a better quality sleep, is my brain wakes up alive and full of activity. I’m finding it a great time to write, so I’ve been grabbing my laptop and tapping away getting all the things done that I need to do, or making notes for projects I have going on. It seems early morning is the best time for creativity and amazingly you can do so much work in that time when you first wake up. I feel so much more organized!


 The kids are excited about the new comfy bed and mattress too and are loving coming in for a morning family cuddle, which I am so happy about. It’s so important to make time to connect with each other before the craziness of the day begins. Its funny how something as simple as a new bed and mattress can kick start such changes that have had such a big effect on my mornings and then in turn my whole day. 


 I am absolutely made up with my Eve Sleep Original Mattress and Bed Frame, which has without a doubt given me the comfiest and the most silent nights sleep I have ever experienced. I would 100% recommend it to anybody who is considering buying a new mattress. There are so many out there to choose from and it can be quite daunting not knowing where to start, so a recommendation is invaluable.


 And best of all Eve Sleep have very kindly put together a discount code for all of my readers, which will give you £100 off non mattress products with an Eve Original or Hybrid purchase. Use code MORNINGKYLA at the checkout once ALL the items are in the basket to claim the discount, which is valid between 16thOctober-30thNovember 2018. Click here to read the T&Cs. 


Happy Shopping!!!



This blog was in collaboration with Eve Sleep and all products mentioned were very kindly gifted to me, but as always all words and opinions are completely honest and are my own.