I was recently lucky enough to have to collaborated with Rebel Walls in a very exciting project to transform my middle room downstairs. When we bought the house 13 years ago it was a small and dark, separate reception room with French doors onto the garden and a wall separating the hallway. The first job, which I think literally took place the weekend I picked up the keys was to knock down the wall to the hallway and remove the hideous stained glass dividing doors into the living room. Then 4 years later, when I was heavily pregnant with my second child (timing!!!!), we embarked on a massive overhaul and built a 2-storey extension at the rear and knocked out all the downstairs internal walls to open the space right up.

Since then the downstairs has gone through various changes, from all white and bright, to a dark and moody cozy den and more recently a mix of both, which I have to say I am the most happy with. The middle room however, was always a funny space that never really had its own identity. No matter how many chairs or sheepskins I popped in it, or how many ‘zones’ I tried to create, it still felt like a rather large passageway from the entrance through to the kitchen.


I had been thinking about giving it an overhaul for ages and was toying with the idea of going back to white again, however I remembered how dull it felt all white the first time round so started looking at the Rebel Walls murals. After contacting the fabulous team at Rebel Walls we decided to collaborate. My idea was to story the whole process to show you guys just how easy these wonderful murals are to hang. The whole thing resulted in some rather ridiculous Laurel and Hardy esque type stories (check my Story Highlights if you haven’t already seen them), but the finished result, I couldn’t be happier with.



The mural I chose was chose Jungleland, as I wanted something monochrome to create the amalgamation between the dark sitting room and lighter walls and also felt I wanted a botanical vibe to soften the space. I decided to use it along the whole back wall, which consisted of 2 alcoves and a chimney breast and the paper is so lovely to hang that compromising all the corners and bends was no problem at all. 



Ten years ago, my husband constructed a built in cupboard in the right alcove and some chunky box MDF shelves, which I was desperate to get rid of.  Obviously this went own like a lead balloon, however after a weekend of gentle persuasion i.e., threats, emotional blackmail and ultimatums I got my way and scaffold boards were sourced and sanded and erected in place.

IMG_2696 (1).jpg

I am absolutely thrilled with the results of the finished space and love the interest and feeling of fun the mural has added. The paper is super easy to put up and to be honest the hardest part was choosing which one to use.

I’ve added a few of my favorites to help you decide, along with what id love to use in my sons room makeover.

First up is a mural called Punch Cards, I just love the rawness of this paper which is replicated from a frontage of an old textile factory made from metal plate punch cards from the old textile weaving machines. Imagine it against a white wall in a room full of soft cozy textiles. 


I love a beaten and battered old wall. Deconstructed Domino based on a wall found in a Dockyard in New York definitely tells a story. I think it would look fantastic in a rustic industrial style kitchen or dining room. 


Paper Mountains creates a vibe so soft, romantic and delicate. I think it would be dreamy in a bedroom with crisp white linen sheets and soft grey and pale pink chunky wool throws and cushions. 


The next mural is all about creating texture. Industriel Urban Farm L.A. Vintage is taken from a wall in a restaurant made of vintage crates. I love the roughness of the crates all stacked on top of each other, some with writing and others with a metal edge exposed. It definitely tells a story and would look fabulous in a large dining room with white walls or perhaps one wall in a hallway. 

R12902_Rebel-Walls-2 3.jpg

My house feels like a never ending project, which I’m sure many of you can relate too. One room that needs a major overhaul is my son’s room that hasn’t been decorated since he was a baby.  He’s now ten years old, so the makeover will need to carry through into his early teenage years and give him a cool older boys space that he can feel proud of. I’d love to use Fossil Stone, with white walls to give a look of old patinated stone and create a slightly industrial edge. 


Lastly, I've absolutely loved using Rebel Walls murals, the quality is amazing and they are so easy to use. The hardest part is choosing which one of the hundreds of beautiful designs to choose from, but I hope this blog may help a little with that. All of the Rebel Walls range can be bought from the super helpful UK stockist Love Frankie so please check them out. 

Alternatively if you really can't decide or need a little extra help with your room design, then just Contact Me by dropping me an email.