If like me you are a parent you will now how precious or elusive sleep can be. I still regularly have one or both of my children waking during the night even though they are 7 and 10. Excuses range from bad dreams, monsters in the room, feeling hot and itchy or I’ve been awake all night and of course at the point of waking I know there is no way I’m going to get them to stay in their own bed, no matter how hard I try. And believe me I’ve tried all things. From re decorating their rooms, to relaxation cds, quiet music, nightlights on, lots of cuddles and strokes for what feels like hours until I finally creep out their rooms and I then hear the little bleating call I dread “muuuummm,” at which point I give in and bring the now satisfied child back to my bed. This whole process usually wakes the other child up as well, so we end up a whole family in bed together. The kids stretched out, snoring happy as Larry while the parents cling onto a slither on the end or vacate to one of the kids empty beds or the sofa. 



A familiar scene I hear you say. Yes unfortunately as a mother and woman in her 40’s if it’s not the kids stealing my sleep, it’s my hormones, but lets not go there just yet!!!!! I’ve worked out I average at around 5 hours sleep a night, 6 if I’m lucky, so with this in mind I’ve started to think about quality not quantity. Our stained and sagging mattress that we bought 10 years ago for the imminent arrival of our first child, has seen 2 home births and quite frankly better days. My birth plan clearly stated that I wanted to have the baby kneeling down on the floor by the side of the bed, on plastic sheeting and towels that I had sourced and laid out all ready. Unfortunately I don’t think the baby or the midwife got that memo, because my son arrived into the world right into the centre of my bed, aided by a huge gush from my waters breaking. Lets just say those little plastic squares the midwives bring offer no protection at all!!!  


So it was a mixture of relief and sentimentality when Eve Sleep contacted me and asked me if I would like to collaborate on their Welcome Home campaign. Id heard so much about them on Instagram so I was keen to investigate. I found out that the campaign centres around the products in the bundle working in harmony together, so you feel outrageously comfortable, get total body support and stay at the perfect temperature underneath the covers. They call it: the eve experience. I liked the sound of that, so I placed my order and waited with anticipation. 



To my delight and surprise my bundle arrived the next day in really lovely neatly packaged boxes. I lugged them upstairs, the hardest bit and set about removing my old mattress (with a few nostalgic tears) and setting it all up and I have to say it was so easy! 

Eve Blog.jpg


The bundle is a treasure trove of sleep goodies. You get:

·       the cloud-like eve mattress

·       two wonderfully supportive foam pillows

·       a fluffy, temperature-regulating 4.5 tog duvet

·       the water and dust-mite resistant mattress protector


The mattress is vacuum packed into the box so all you need to do is remove the plastic wrapping and watch it expand. See my story highlights to watch the video. So with everything set up I cracked on with my day but couldn’t wait until bedtime to test it all out. If I’m honest I was a little skeptical as to whether the mattress could live up to the blogger reviews, plus I usually like a more traditional pocket sprung mattress so wasn’t sure if I would notice the difference with the foam. But all I can say is I’m honestly amazed at how comfortable the mattress feels. I’m a bit of a fuss pot when it comes to my bed and as a petite slim woman I feel all lumps and bumps, but with the 5 separate layers including, a supportive base layer, a memory foam layer, a highly breathable layer and a removable cover, this truly feels like u are sleeping on a supportive cloud. 



The same can be said for the memory foam pillows, which were also a new experience to me. But again, I found them amazingly supportive. However if you are a little unsure you can use a feather and down pillow or microfiber pillow on top and still benefit from the support around your head and neck. 

eve blog 2.jpg


Also included in the bundle was the 4.5 tog temperature regulating duvet. It has been developed using sports technology to create a light and fluffy microfibre duvet that feels and falls just like down. Better still its hypoallergenic. I’ve always been a down duvet lover but after trying this I’m converted and my husband is much happier because it’s less sweaty!!!!



The mattress protector that comes in the bundle is also fabulous as its water resistant, so keeps your mattress staying fresh, also great news with the sweaty husband, while the organic cotton layer regulates temperature and protects against dust mites, which is amazing for me as I have a serious dust allergy!! 



To top it all off Eve Sleep very kindly gifted me some of their gorgeous bedding. I chose their wonderful stonewashed linen sheets in white and light grey. I adore the crumpled luxurious feeling of sleeping in linen, which is a derivative of the flax plant, so you know they are 100% natural fibres. Linen also has that wonderful quality that looks better with age and gets softer each time you wash it. I love the two sided colour option of this bedding set so I can turn it over to change colour to suit my mood. 



So lastly I will say that I am truly impressed with the Welcome Home Bundle of all Eve Sleep’s best sellers, which really does give you the eve experience, but best of all you can save up to £216 by ordering the bundle rather than the products individually. Its win win in my book! Lets just hope those kids let me sleep now!!! 



*All the products featured in this blog were very kindly gifted to me by Eve Sleep but the opinions and words are my own.